Looking for an answer or bring in the Solution?

Looking for an answer or bring in the Solution?

In my last post I explored the prayer life of the heavenly man. The prayer that matters is the prayer that is sourced in listening, hearing, and then standing in faith. This is so counter to the normal course of prayer that is found in deciding based on need and opinion. Whoa! So many of us lead out rather than follow in prayer… Wrong way, Charlie!

Bring in the Solution!

Bring in the Solution!
Today I want to discuss something I heard the Lord speak concerning this topic: “Don’t come looking for an answer. Bring in the Solution!” This is awesome. Often, I enter prayer with an agenda to entreat the Lord to get my will or way. This is always a path of disappointment and distraction. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that I am to lead God where I believe He needs to go. On the contrary, it says I am to follow.

Do I suppose that Christ didn’t do anything from Himself or through His own initiative, but that I could? No, Jesus only did the works that He saw the Father doing, and I too have to come live this way. Life is sourced in the Father down, not vice versa.

So what did God’s statement, “Don’t come looking for an answer. Bring in the Solution!” mean to me? It meant everything. From it I see I have to come in expectation of the Father. Faith is expectation in the Father and what He will do.

When I step into prayer, I have the solution, because the Solution lives inside me. This isn’t presumptuous or arrogant, this is just reality. I don’t tell Him, I bring Him. This is such a huge difference.

Answer and Expectation

Answer and Expectation
I don’t ever have to look for an answer; all I have to do is connect with the Solution and He will bring His answer. I can’t tell you how many prayer meetings I have been to that had this in reverse. These meetings boiled down to a ceremonial telling rather than listening. What a waste of time and an investment in futility and disappointment! I am called to get on Christ’s page not get Him onto mine.

I don’t write this in any sort of judgment because I have done this a lot. I think we all start out as God-instructors before we settle into following. But I have learned that this path is counterproductive and leads me from God, not to Him. All of life is for the purpose of knowing Him. Every step is a choice of who I want to know. And prayer is no different. Prayer is acquaintance with and connection with the One to whom I pray. Prayer is union and agreement, not separation and coercing.

I am so excited to have this direction! I am overjoyed I can now engage prayer not as one lost trying to find my way but coming into Him who is the WAY.

[For my determined purpose is] that I may know Him [that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly…
Philippians 3:10a

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    • Molly

      Amen to everything you say! I choose to follow you in this path!
      I say yes and amen!

      • Bless you Molly! It is the allowing of His Life to come through us. It is beautiful!

    • Winnie Starnes

      Father may I come into your presence with ears to hear what You would say to me.
      I’m remembering how young Samuel answered when you called to him . He responded ,”speak Lord your servant is listening.“ I think it very telling that the old priest Eli told young Samuel how to respond to God but he himself had ceased listening to God calling to him . He no longer asked God to speak personally to him . He asked Samuel to tell him everything that God spoke to him. O! what a message God gave young Samuel to deliver to His old priest who had ceased listening to His God.
      Sometimes I don’t hear God’s voice clearly,there is a lot of static interference,and other times I do not hear his voice at all.
      Holy Spirit revealed to me the problem is my receiver ,
      (my heart) is not on his
      AM -abiding frequency.
      I am on FM- futility frequency .
      Lord may I keep my heart set on you , abiding in you and not switching back and forth from AM to FM.
      I want to listen to what you would say to me. You are the Teacher I am your Student.
      You are the Solution!!!
      Thank you John for you challenging and encouraging

      • Oh, I love that! Abiding frequency or futility frequency. That is awesome. Yes, we have to be on the same channel to follow His voice. This is just so vital!

        Blessings and love you Winnie, thank you for your encouragement.

    • Deborah

      Lately prayer for me is just waiting in the brokenness. Embracing Him in that place and not trying to fix something or someone..not even me. There is a lot of surrender going on. When I quiet down there is a settling in my heart. I know better days are coming but I have to walk through them even if I limp.

      I have recently been deeply wounded by a very old friend and in seeking counseling, I am finally getting some clarity. I tend to be a peacemaker and a fixer. All I can do is stand in the brokenness. Having done all I can do I am just standing even in my laying down! This situation has taken a lot of my strength and health wise it has been a blow to my system. Stupid… but true to let someone have that much power over you. I did not see it coming.

      I will say that while the solution is Christ Himself..in me…the hope of glory, my propensity to move ahead and smooth out everything has led me now to just stop and wait. At first it felt as though I was swimming against the tide. Now this place of ambiguity is becoming clearer. God has planned good things for me. I can trust in Him and wait. The answers will come as I sit with Him in His presence and be truly present in and with Him in His presence…not in the fix it mode or the accusing or bitterness or resentment mode…not that I did not attempt to put my tent stakes there! But ..that is sandy ground!

      As always John, I so appreciate your timely insights.

      I am in a Henry Nouwen stream at the moment…good water! He certainly knew these streams…


      • In waiting there is great safety, as well as following when He leads. I am so grateful He is walking you through this path. I too have been a fixer and the liberation of letting Him be the fixer is huge.

        I really love Nouwen! Yes He did know these streams! Blessing you huge Deborah! Thank you for sharing.

    • Peter Rodriguez

      In the same way, yesterday God has me to know that many of us pray for things that are already done. Part of knowing Him is knowing what He has already accomplished! What a Father He Is!

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