Being a Man After God’s Own Heart

Man abandoned to God

In my last post I ended by saying I would follow up today by showing that God puts a premium on living from the heart, essential living after God’s own heart. And since then, I remembered one of Martha’s message of the month, “Loving the Truth.” In it she speaks about the heart and loving the truth. It’s just amazing how complimentary her message is in relation to where I’m going. In this light, the Spirit has actually used her message to bridge my points.

David a Man After God’s Own Heart

David a Man After God's own heart
In this teaching, she references Psalms 15, where David asks who can dwell in the Lord’s tabernacle. It is the one who tells the truth in their heart and swears to their own hurt. Yes, the honest man is the one who enters His presence. It’s the person who lives in their reality, while remaining dependent on God to resolve life’s issues.

Martha talking about the heart specifically:

“[It’s important] to tell the truth in your heart. To know what your heart is feeling. To be in touch with your heart in the reality of your heart. Do you know when you hate? Do you know when you lie? Do you know when you covet, have greed and deceive? Do you know what your heart is full of?”

A Man After God’s Own Heart

A Man After God's own heart
In my traffic debacle I was experiencing something of a crisis and remained in the honesty of my heart. I didn’t have the immediate power to resolve the issue, but I did know Who did. Watchman Nee says that God expects one thing of us, and that is to tell the truth.  We can do nothing else. But if we tell God the truth, He will take care of the rest. We’re not living in the honesty of our hearts in order to be able to fix and analyze them. We live out of our hearts because that’s where we can enter into relationship with God. The heart is my implanted source of need—a living, beating source of dependency on God.

Martha says in “Loving the Truth” that God abhors a liar. He just doesn’t fellowship with a dishonest man. I’m not elevating the importance of my heart over my spirit; I am just saying I’m anchored to my heart because it beats with the reality of me.

With a New Heart

With a New Heart after God's own heart
God comes to give me a new heart, with a new life, as I am made a new creation. Yes, my heart of stone has become a heart of flesh. It beats with the resurrected life of Christ. The heart is all about relationship. God values my heart because the clean heart is where relationship happens. This is why we have to be aware of our hearts.

Faith is about Love—love for God, love for others and love for myself, and Love happens within the heart. We can’t be men after God’s own heart without being connected to ours. We must remain honest about ourselves, in the reality of the heart, because the heart is the meeting place of the soul and the spirit. The heart is the seat and center of human life – the place of desires, feelings, passions – and is where the issues of the spirit and the will are settled.

Guard your heart more than anything else, because the source of your life flows from it.
Proverbs 4:23 NOG

In my next post, I will show what it is to live in the head versus the heart.

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    • sue

      I “absolutely” love this truth also. Didn’t always speak the truth in my own heart. Thank you for confirming this is from HIS Holy Spirit to me.

    • Ed Carr

      Yes, and sometimes it seem like 1,000,000 miles from our heart to our brain. Also, I love the song “Open The Eyes To My Heart”

      • shulamite

        Me either. Thanks for reading the blog for this long. Bless you Ed. Pray it is still ministering to you. Thanks for reminding me about this song.

    • Bruce Dickey

      Good word. I’m looking forward to seeing your next post.

      • shulamite

        I think you will like it Bruce. Thanks for stopping by. Bless you man!

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