Addicted to Love

heart chained up and locked up bondage

I went back and re-read “Chatting to be Known” and I realized there is another aspect to this revelation. In that post, I show how most of us want to be known in this world. We want to be heard and valued enough to have our person acknowledged. It drives us through the sea of people like a propeller on a johnboat. Get it, “Johnboat”?

“Who will hear me and know the real me?”
“Someone must hear and recognize me!”

There is a passionate pursuit to be heard in the ocean of words. I believe it becomes an addiction, and like every addiction, the addict slowly dissolves into a lump of human remains. Addicted to love, or at least our pursuit of what we thing love is!

Now there is another aspect to this that is further damaging. God will allow it to the exclusion of Himself. The Lord is a gentleman and rarely forces Himself on me. If I am more content with my attempts to be known rather than to know, this is exactly what I will have. God will remain silent as I stroke my self-consumption. He will wait until I need!

It frightens me how easily fixation on self can prevent the gaze on Him. Unlike man, He comes to listen and will not speak until we meet His listening with a desire to hear. At that point, He will open up His treasures and reveal His heart. Though I will cast my pearls before most any swine for attention, He will not. He waits in silence until we ourselves are silent.

Now I stated in a recent post that only the new creation can be silent. I referenced Colossians 3:10 – “And have clothed yourselves with the new [spiritual self], which is [ever in the process of being] renewed and remolded into [fuller and more perfect knowledge upon] knowledge after the image (the likeness) of Him Who created it.” There is a process of being renewed into that knowledge. Though I would have loved an overnight transformation, my reality is that it’s a process.

Christ, the gentleman, waits ever so patiently. He trains us into silence and guides us into hearing. Like any parent toward a child, we must be trained. We must be led into perfect union and fellowship. Where at first we come in hysterical need to be known, He stills the raging sea of our rogue emotions. Without fail, His strong hand molds us to receive a more perfect knowledge of Himself.

I can tell you that as we become that still, radiant bride, our Bridegroom will say, “Let Me hear your voice.” He desires to hear my voice from love, more than need. I want to be known, with His perfect knowledge. And what could be more perfect than to be known by my First Love? He wants to hear the captivating voice of His love. Yes, this is all a process, yet it is not intended to be a stressful effort but a relational connection. Becoming acquainted is change and challenge but the fruit is love. I yield to His masterful touch, delight in His beautiful voice and rejoice in the amazing path He’s laid to bring me into union. May it be the same for you.

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