Accepting the Blood

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Accepting the Blood as complete payment means that you can do NOTHING about your sin. You cannot fix it; you cannot regret it away. I watched that movie “Seven Pounds” and I hated it. It was about a man giving away his kidney, his lung, his bone marrow, and ultimately his own life in the most painful death he could choose, in order to pay for his sins, which were actually accidental – he accidentally killed seven people.

And I just railed against that movie and said, “This is what we think! We think we can pay – how ludicrous!” And to take your own life! The movie portrayed it in physical form, but it had a spiritual meaning that we can beat ourselves up, deny ourselves love, deny ourselves blessing, and not accept the greatness of our salvation, because WE are trying to pay for our sins.

But if you’re humble enough to know that you can’t pay, then you will take the Blood. And when the Blood soaks through your sin, then you enter into God’s forgiveness of you – and you don’t have to forgive yourself!

You’re so forgiven that you simply join and
enter HIS forgiveness by the Blood.

You are connected to Christ and His cleansing
comes to your conscience.

And though you can look back and know what you did, there is no sting, no regret. There’s no guilt! Paul knew what he did. He was a murderer! But once the Blood removes the sin, there’s no guilt. It’s gone! Your guilt is gone.

Literally, your sin is taken away as
“far as the east is from the west,”
to the depths of the ocean –
that’s the only visible way God can tell us
how far away that sin is.

But it’s all dependent on complete accountability before God to the degree that GOD says. I can tell God what I did but ohhh, when He tells me from His view? That’s very different. “I’m sorry I yelled today.” No, God says you were selfish. You were cruel and brutal and selfish, and that’s something different than saying, “Oh, I yelled.”

When the Blood can cleanse you from within and cause you to actually have God’s forgetting of your sin enter you, in the same way God’s view of your sin in the Blood enters you, then you’re free to be a sinner, a complete sinner, but a sinner forgiven. Not only forgiven but cleansed of all unrighteousness. That’s His promise (1 John 1:9).

The Blood gives not just forgiveness,
but cleansing so that you never do that thing again.

The Blood cleanses you so that you don’t have the power to lift that sin up again and do it. That’s what He showed me about the question, “How do I forgive myself?” The answer is: I’m steeped in, soaked in forgiveness through the Blood of Christ… from within, in my mind and memory.

The Holy Spirit applies the Blood to your entire being – body, soul, and spirit. The Holy Spirit knows when you’ve become humble enough to receive the Blood, and its effects in your being become powerful. You stand before God in a confidence that you can’t possibly have any other way.

You stand before God in comfort and assurance, and in the awareness of His continuing presence. You’re able to hear Him, know Him, see Him, and feel Him… because there is no barrier.

*Formally “More Than Seven Pounds” now titled Accepting.

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