About GetAlongWithGod

This page is all about GetAlongWithGod.com

GetAlongWithGod.com doesn’t contain simple formulas for knowing God. Instead, it’s an expression of our lives as we live out how to know God (read Martha’s article “Living How To” for a closer look at what this means).

Paul said, “God has chosen what is foolish in the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen what is weak in the world to shame the strong” (I Cor. 1:27).  Well, that’s us!  We’re each sharing from the life God’s given us – the triumphs, the failings, the joys, the public pantsing . . . all of it.

John came up with the name, “Get Along With God,” because that’s really what has to happen.  God is GOD, and we need to know how to get along with Him.  So we hashed out what is (to us) the crux of what it means to get along with the Almighty:

  • Live the Moment – Releasing the past and future, and living in the now.
  • Letting Go – Letting God be GOD.
  • Living Loved – Allowing God to love you.
  • Enjoying Him – Loving every facet of God where I find Him.
  • Being Real – Facing truth.

GetalongwithGod.com is a collection of our stories, various snapshots of our lives with no significance outside of our meeting Jesus in each one.  He is the merciful Father welcoming home His sty-splattered prodigals, and we live for Him.