Ability, Wants, and Possibilities

Ability, Wants, and Possibilities

Usually people confine their wants to their ability. Peter, on the other hand, defined his possibilities by his wants. What an amazing way to live! Not limited by my personal abilities but released instead into the hands of the Lord of Omni-possibilities. I want to live where I am not even the remotest obstacle to the Lord’s Life through me. Where my only limitation is His Will, not my ability.

Think about it. Peter wasn’t limited even by the physical laws of nature. He got out of the boat and walked on the water with Jesus. Simply impossible in his ability! And it was only when he focused on the limitations of capability that he began to sink beneath the waters. And this is possible for us, too. The Will of God is over the physical laws of our world, this world He created.

Ability, Wants, and Faith

Ability, Wants, and Faith
Relegating ourselves to the confines of ability takes no faith. If I can do it on my own, what need is there for faith? Say I have an apple in my hand, why would I need faith to get an apple? I have it now, I don’t need to believe to have it. It is the same with our natural abilities. Yet Peter lived in the realm that was beyond this mortal coil. He lived as a child, filled with desires and reliant on faith in Jesus.

So let it be the same way with you! Since you are now joined with Him, you must continually view yourselves as dead and unresponsive to sin’s appeal while living daily for God’s pleasure in union with Jesus, the Anointed One. Sin is a dethroned monarch; so you must no longer give it an opportunity to rule over your life, controlling how you live and compelling you to obey its desires and cravings. So then, refuse to answer its call to surrender your body as a tool for wickedness. Instead, passionately answer God’s call to keep yielding your body to Him as one who has now experienced resurrection life! You live now for His pleasure, ready to be used for His noble purpose.
Romans 6:11-13 TPT

Ability versus Possibilities

Ability versus Possibilities
Peter led the way in child-likeness and faith. He leaped into his life with Christ with both feet. There was no limitation on what He could do. On the Mount of Transfiguration, Peter was going to make tents for Moses, Elijah, and Jesus. That’s a child. When the waves tossed the boat, threatening to sink it, Peter answered Jesus’ beckoning and stepped out of the boat. No logic there! When we live our lives in the realm of faith in God’s possibilities rather than our own ability, we will find the miracles we seek. We will live miracles, not just hear about them. This is the desire of our Father for us. To open wide our hearts to His omni-possibilities. Living in the confines of ability makes our world way too small. But living beyond my capabilities and within His possibilities is wondrous! This is how I choose to live, who’s with me?!

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    • Molly


      • Got ya on the list ?. Bless you Molly, thank you for commenting and for faithfully reading the blog. Love you.

    • sue

      I am with you!!!!! I have a taste of living in realm of faith in God’s total provision and calling. I’m such a small child in this new walk of possibilities of being in His will and His way, I see myself as hardly being able to walk (actually see a tottering child, really close to falling down] but HE is able to keep me from falling.
      Bless you for sharing God’s possibilities and capabilities!!!!!!

      • This is the best position to be in. As we each remain a child, He is able to be our Father. This is His earnest desire and design for each of us. This being said, that makes your current position perfectly in line. He is everything!

    • Alex


      • Wonderful Alex! It is liberation. Hope to see you all during the holidays at some point. Love you!

    • Jim

      Me too!

      • Miss ya Jim. Thank you for commenting. I pray you have a great Thanksgiving with your family. Love you.

    • Vicki

      I’m in!

      • I knew you would be. Love you Vicki!

    • Shirley Castanuela

      Count me in!

      • Officially counted ?. Bless you Shirley!

    • Deborah

      Busting out of the small box..it is the perfect antidote for performance anxiety as well!

      • This is a perfect response! I found this has helped my anxiety as well. Thank you for commenting Deborah! I pray you have a great Thanksgiving!

    • Wanda Couch

      I’m with you. Have a blessed Thanksgiving all of you Shulamites, wherever you are. God bless you.

      • Love you muches, you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well! Love you Wanda!

    • Helen

      May we see the Love of God in this weakness insistence; in its truth about me & Truth of HIM. Our weakness makes a ready place for tenderness to flow, His Life to fill. I’ve always wanted to be ‘approachable’, because He is. I mean by this, “not an obstacle to the Lord’s Life through me”. I guarded my weak & vulnerable places with ‘walls of compensating’, to their orchestrated collapse. I say this in loving acknowledgement of His Sovereign Wisdom. We’re held to Him in weakness that makes dependence & desire the place of His Life. HE is the approachable One, present in my weakness. There’s a lot of ‘getting out of the boat’, frightening & exhilarating, as He calls us, right in the place of our weakness, but Answers to our desire & His.

    • David

      So blessed!
      AMEN! I want to walk unlimited by my capabilities!

      • I can wholeheartedly agree Dave. Thank you for the encouragement. Love you man! Let’s live not limited by our capabilities and released into the potentiality of His perfect Will.

    • Pauline

      Yes, John. And I would say that His possibilities are found in His Word. In our communion, our pastor reminds us that we do not live by possibilities or probabilities [our own], but by promises[His].

      • I think it is absolutely awesome that His promises are my possibilities! As you know, it is all His Life or it is only fleshly striving. Thank you for commenting and sharing what your pastor said. I love it.

    • Arleen

      I’m in!

      • Of course you are ?! Thank you for you, I pray you have an amazing Thanksgiving! Love ya.

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