A Single Eye

eye with view of earth

I want to share with you a little further on the genius of having a single eye.  It is an amazing power for intimacy with our God.

Have you ever heard of having dove’s eyes? I have been told that a dove’s sight can only focus in one direction at a time, giving them singleness of vision or a single eye. Imagine not being distracted by that which is in the periphery! Undivided vision, an enviable trait for the Christian sojourner.

Well in Song of Songs 1:15, the Beloved states to the Shulamite, “Behold, you are fair, my love! Behold, you are fair! You have dove’s eyes.”  He was attracted to and calling forth from her a level of undistracted devotion.

Jesus as our Beloved is drawn to our singleness of eye because this makes us a bride rather than just a believer.  Only love will cause us to cast aside all that hinders our pursuit of God.

If your eye be single,
your whole body will be full of Light.
Matt. 6:22

I have had a season of, what would seem to be, extreme distraction.  But I wonder if it has more been a training of my eye?  A muscle is strengthened through resistance. I believe God has been supplying ample opposition to make me hungry.  My levels of desire have been stirred in the wake of an onslaught of interference.

Then I enter the Vatican and He leads me to experience a single eye.  I walked through to experience one focus and one vision.  It wasn’t about the Vatican or the art but the attention on what He was on in that moment.

Now, I don’t for one second believe that I will ever muster up some amazing honed focus on the Lord.  I just won’t, though I have tried.  But what I can tell you is that Jesus lived with singleness of vision and He still wants to today.  He wants me, a vessel for His focus and attention on the Father.

“Truly, truly I say to you, the Son can do nothing
of Himself, unless it is something
He sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does,
these things the Son also does in like manner.”
John 5:19 

He was able to walk through this world focused on and doing the things He saw His Father do. Today He desires to do the same in me.  I yield to His desire in this and look forward to His fulfillment.

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    • Andrea

      reminds me of psalm 32:8
      New American Standard Bible
      I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.

    • Sam

      Loving thoughts, John.

    • Sule

      I am Sule ( pronounced like shoelace without the ce. It means The Flame in Persian. I am a convert from Izmir turkey aka ancient Smyrna. I have been following your ministry for few years and as my relationship became more and more intimate with Him your ministry has been used as a tool to communicate between the Vine and His branches. The Eye has been very special to me and represents the Holy Spirt that lives in us …US are not NOT just fans of Christ but the worshippers who worship in Spirit and the truth ! Thus says The Lord. Pentecost is alive and well in those hearts. East is the key to the worldwide Pentecost. This is why Jerusalem & 7 churches located in enemy territory. This is why The Lord said love your enemy and forgive them for that do not know what they have done. Without your Eastern brothers and sisters Father”s treasure box will be remain locked. This is the hope of Satan. But , the Lord has already overcome the battle but, He wants us to be aware of it. Life is a love letter of the Father for our atonement through Christ Jesus. I pray you receive this well and became encouraged in The Lord who renews your strength. The eye: His eyes are on the sparrow. (Not even a tiny sparrow falls on the ground without my Father knowing it, don’t you think You matter to Him more than whole flock of sparrows? )

      This study was originally done in acrylic called Rumi who has written many poems of love. Painting was striking and I am not a painter ( I do practice medicine as a PA and was in USAF also studied archeology in Turkey. I love painting as a hobby ) but, this is a chalk study done during last summer. I call it ” His Eyes On The Sparrow” …no matter what angle you look He sees you …
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    • pearl

      Our beloved desires us to have a single eye toward only Him To be captured with Him…. we will also touch his heart with one glance of ours…
      New Living Translation (©2007)
      You have captured my heart, my treasure, my bride. You hold it hostage with one glance of your eyes, with a single jewel of your necklace.

    • pearl

      This theme of a single eyes stirs my hear toward the Lord in a deep way…I have read this before on Wade Taylors site and will post it below…He was called to the Lord last year…He wrote this article called a single eye…because of this I found and keep a picture of a single eye looking upward on my refrigerator ….as a reminder to fix my gaze on Hymn!! http://www.wadetaylor.org/dailyword/Morning%20Articles/4_Morning%20Meditation.html

    • Helen

      “Where could I go from your Spirit? Where could I run & hide from your face” (Ps.139) In these places I never thought I’d be, He weakened me, into His Love, to have eyes only for Him. In the middle of all else, there us this ‘one thing more’ that answers to His heart & ours. In all these places of my being, so beyond me, He keeps leading, superceding..I watch & wait until..He is all i am not..& abundantly more, spilling over more. “Who is this one? Look at her now! She arises out of her desert, clinging to her beloved.” He knows how to shape hearts for Himself..& draw from our lives that which is ‘just for Him’, that delights Him, in sometimes secret ways. Love is like that, isn’t it.

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