A Light to the People God Brings

A Light to the People God Brings

By Gaby, our dear friend in Austria

I work at an education center for adults where I train people in high school-level science. My students tend to be school drop-outs, refugees, or working people who want to improve in their job. Recently a note on the wall of our trainer’s office caught my attention. It said:

“Our job is to teach the students we have. Not the ones we would like to have. Not the ones we used to have. Those we have right now. All of them.”
Dr. Kevin Maxwell

I don’t know anything more about Dr. Maxwell other than that he seems to be highly engaged in what he is doing. There is great wisdom in this quote by Maxwell, and not just for schools and education-centers.

A People Problem

A People Problem
Maybe I am the only one around who used to oppose certain situations in which I found myself. Or to be more exact, I’ve opposed the people in certain situations. Sometimes I am simply tired of the endless problems they bring. Other times it’s annoying habits that get on my nerves, or being talked into the ground, or…you get the idea.

But if I see Dr. Maxwell’s note in the Light of Jesus, are we not called to be teachers all the time? Aren’t we called to be the “light of the world” and the “salt of the earth?” For “all of them?!”

God’s Love Motivates People

My fellow teachers and I were profoundly trained about effective teaching. Our students, we were told, would be better motivated by our own enthusiasm for the subject than by any content we’d ever teach.

Likewise, maybe the people in our lives and circumstances would be more motivated to ask about the God we believe in if we displayed the Love of Jesus? This does NOT mean I have to be there for every need and every demand someone has, absolutely not. What struck me about this idea was that it questioned my fundamental availability for the Lord Himself.

Will I submit to what He has for me? Will I ask for His Eyes to look at the situation or the people involved? Will I stop trying to protect myself according to my mood or my energy or whether I’ve had enough sleep?

We are called to bear fruit. I can easily forget that a harvest does not grow to beautify its field; a harvest grows to provide food for others. For all those hungry people.

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    • Sam

      Halleluja! Thank you Gaby.

    • Tammy

      Bless the Lord! And you Gaby!

      As always His timing is perfect. As I sit here at my desk and pray, “Lord, please let me know if the note I just sent to a friend was from Your heart or my flesh.” Without going into detail – just know that your message today has answered that prayer.

      And once again, praises!
      “…to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think…”

    • Sandy

      Yes indeed, I too can very easily forget…

      Truely only Jesus can be the healing to our blindness!

    • Linda

      Thank you Gaby! This rearranges my thinking. Submitting to what He has for me in every moment is not always easy. Remembering it IS Him in my every moment helps. Thank you!

    • Wanda

      A harvest does not grow to beautify its field. It grows to feed the hungry. I needed to hear that today. Thank you Gaby

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