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Listening to Another’s Voice
Why are you listening to another’s voice? The other day I listen to the many voices with their own agendas rather than God who is THE agenda. It didn't work out to well!
Posted Apr. 27,2017 by | 5 Comments
The Outlandish Abundance Found in God's Will
Enjoy life? That is God’s intention for His own! So down in our earthly life, our human existence, He will provide, give, pour out an outlandish abundance.
Posted Apr. 24,2017 by | 5 Comments
Am I a Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative
With blood pressures running high, tempers boiling over, and emotions all over the map I'm wondering if I'm a Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative?
Posted Apr. 21,2017 by | 8 Comments
The Design is to Make Us Hate
There's an onslaught against my life begs me to source my energy in hate and discord, rather than love. Love is the Source of Life & hatred is the fuel for the devil.
Posted Apr. 20,2017 by | 3 Comments
The Hand of Providence
God's Providence is guidance on His creation. God’s hand of providence is seen all over but it benefits more completely the man yielded to being IN His Will.
Posted Apr. 17,2017 by | 2 Comments
God is Playing Me Like an Instrument
Those who love God are pliable and malleable in His hands. Why? Because the one who loves God, loves His Will. It's like God is playing me like an instrument.
Posted Apr. 13,2017 by | 5 Comments
The Grace of God in Tribulation
Our God uses trials, testing, tribulations, and chastening as opportunities to make Himself known, and why wouldn’t He? Our attention is fully engaged.
Posted Apr. 10,2017 by | 3 Comments
Spring Blaze: On Fire for the Will of God
Humanity shares a primal suspicion that the will of God is the worst of all possibilities. But if we really understood His will, we'd rejoice in it!
Posted Apr. 7,2017 by | 7 Comments
Not What Happens but How You Respond
It's not what happens to us but what we do with it, that makes us unclean. The thing that separates you from God is how you respond to the wounds in your life.
Posted Apr. 6,2017 by | 7 Comments
There is Only One Relationship
There's only ONE relationship. We connect with people all the time, but even with all these connections, there is only ONE relationship in them all—GOD.
Posted Apr. 3,2017 by | 4 Comments
I am the Dwelling of God – A Living Tabernacle
I am the Dwelling of God – A Living Tabernacle. Do I treat myself with the respect and honor as I would treat the ancient Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant?
Posted Mar. 30,2017 by | 5 Comments
Our God is Always Faithful – Are We?
I saw a church marquee that read " Our God is Always Faithful – Are We?" Everything in my body erupted with a resounding, "Nooo! That's the point."
Posted Mar. 27,2017 by | 4 Comments