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Is the Church is Failing? No, the Church is Christ!
Is the church laying down on the job and wrinkling her wedding dress. Is the world passing away in degradation, while we the church are fluffing the pillows in our pews.
Posted Jun. 22,2017 by | 5 Comments
I Want to Believe in Evolution
With Romans 1 being true, all Darwin did with his theory was give people a noble-appearing and intelligent-seeming excuse to eliminate God and all accountability.
Posted Jun. 19,2017 by | 7 Comments
I just experienced unexpected kindness, and I'm actually ashamed that I was so shocked. I wouldn't have missed this experience for the world.
Posted Jun. 15,2017 by | 2 Comments
Predilection for Knowledge
Maxed out with information? Today's blog reveals the solution to our insane predilection for knowledge and how to live with informational overload.
Posted Jun. 12,2017 by | 2 Comments
The Media: The Judas Kiss of Death
Through a barrage of distractions and reported crises, the media would have us align with its agenda and ambitions. It's like a kiss of death to direct our lives.
Posted Jun. 8,2017 by | 6 Comments
No Longer About You
I don't have to take things personally, whether negative or positive. It is no longer about you, because it’s all about His Life, not mine.
Posted Jun. 5,2017 by | 2 Comments
Looking at the Wrong Thing
Troubled with this world? I just might be looking at the wrong thing. If I'm experiencing despair and discouragement, the problem might be my vision and not my circumstance.
Posted Jun. 1,2017 by | 7 Comments
Thanking God in Everything, Thanks in Hardship
Thanking God in everything is to thank Him in hardship. Why, for what reason am I to give thanks to God in literally everything? The answer might shock you!
Posted May. 29,2017 by | 10 Comments
Thanks, The Door of Blessing
Scripture says, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God. Giving thanks for even bad and painful circumstances sounds odd. “Why in the world would I be grateful for things that appear to be detrimental or hurtful?
Posted May. 25,2017 by | 10 Comments
Increase of Knowledge, Diminished Wisdom
We have exponentially increased in our knowledge while our wisdom is ever diminished. But informational knowledge only fools us into thinking we are wise.
Posted May. 22,2017 by | 2 Comments
My Righteousness
I am called to be righteous but often I don't feel righteous. So where does my righteousness come from? Do I make righteousness?
Posted May. 18,2017 by | 6 Comments
Doing, Doing, Doing of the Doers
Anyone can preoccupy themselves with doing. Being a doer is simple. But who is behind all the doing of the doers? Is it the doer, or is it God?
Posted May. 15,2017 by | 8 Comments