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Shame Roots in Comparison
Shame doesn't confine itself in our lives. It can become the motivation of comparison seeping into our spiritual lives and our daily actions.
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Coaching isn't about finding someone to fix your problems, it's partnering with someone who becomes your thought partner on your journey.
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Embracing Weakness as Strength
Learning that our vulnerabilities, our weaknesses, and our shame are not burdens to hide but opportunities to experience the boundless strength of God.
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To live naked and unashamed today, we must embrace surrender to God's thoughts and ways, walking in open-hearted vulnerability.
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Overcoming Shame and Embracing Divine Purpose
Overcoming shame may seem like a distraction, but it can also be the means through which God refines us and empowers His message through us.
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Beware of Shame
Unveil the crafty tactics of shame, learn how to conquer its destruction. Don't let shame define you – let God's love and truth shine through!
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Empathy: The Key to Overcoming Shame
Distinguishing between empathy and sympathy, emphasizing the importance of connection and support on our journey toward wholeness over shame.
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Breaking the Chains of Shame: Discovering Wholeness
A quest to overcome shame, finding the path to wholeness and freedom from the isolation and destruction of shame.
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A Living Invitation to His Will Alone
There's a common misconception that God's Will is the worst path, in reality it leads to our best life. His Will Alone encourages readers to embrace God's Will and His Best life.
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His Will Alone
An invitation to embark on the journey to embrace His divine plan, even when it runs counter to our own desires. His Will Alone is now available!
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Weakness Can Trigger Shame
Weakness can tempt us towards shame. But in the Life of Christ I will celebrate my weaknesses, for when I’m weak I sense more deeply the mighty power of Christ living in me.
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Just because our shame has a LOUD voice, it doesn’t always mean it’s the largest part of who we are. Loudest struggles might not be our majority.
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