Your heart is what God watches, weighs and knows intimately…even when you do not. Your heart condition dictates His dealing and response to you. Walking with God is simplest when it is just down-and-dirty honest and you know who you are inside this moment and what you feel and how you think.  That is the open heart our authors experience.

There are all too few places where you can find the nitty-gritty of walking with God in harmony and intimacy. But our authors are constantly demonstrating, not teaching but LIVING out the process, in transparent reality. It’s an absolutely marvelous gift to the world in these deluded times!

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Our authors are not in introspection. It’s spiritual honesty, genuine responsibility and it yields peace with God and joy in life. It’s “walking in the Light as He is in the Light…” (1 John 1:8). Presenting ourself always to God’s Searchlight of the heart and letting ourself be found and adjusted.

When God wins the heart to Himself, we enjoy His enjoyment of us. And that is the bliss of Christ that our authors continuously experience.

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