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We’ve asked for a blessing to cover all of you, however your story is written. Here is what the Spirit gave.
Posted Dec. 23,2021 by | 8 Comments
Merry Christmas from to you!
Posted Dec. 24,2020 by | 24 Comments
If I look at the world, I will never resolve God's sovereignty, whether God is God. But when I look in the scriptures, there is no shadow over that subject.
Posted Nov. 9,2016 by | 3 Comments
A prayer for Election Day 2016: May the Body of Christ as one “let be and be still and KNOW (recognize and understand) that” God is GOD—there is no other.
Posted Nov. 8,2016 by | 4 Comments
We glimpsed the pleasure of God that is poured out on those who follow the Lamb, who LOVE the Lamb, and it was irresistible.
Posted Jul. 2,2015 by | 8 Comments
Stepping away from the blog to focus on 'The Triumph of the Lamb' conference!
Posted Jun. 26,2015 by | 3 Comments
What, a GetAlongWithGod T-shirt, are you kidding?!
Posted Nov. 30,2013 by | 2 Comments
In loving memory of Don Nelson, our beloved brother.
Posted Jan. 7,2013 by | 2 Comments