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Many of us fail to live in the present moment and therefore miss our lives. To live in the present is to experience life.
Posted Jul. 29,2019 by | 2 Comments
When the blaze broke out, I knew He had a story to tell and it was His story. And oh, how He had the final word though He uttered not a word.
Posted Apr. 18,2019 by | 8 Comments
When the cock crowed, Peter saw the betrayal of his denials. And it crushed his heart. How many times has dawn broken and I have not seen any of my denials?
Posted Mar. 31,2018 by | 5 Comments
Why didn’t God keep that man from pulling the trigger rather than allowing the man to pull the trigger and then watch over him and bringing about some kind of judgment?
Posted Feb. 22,2018 by | 0 Comments
The condition for Christ's Life as my life is forfeiting of my own. In this message Art presenting what it is to live in the resurrection Life of Christ.
Posted Nov. 20,2017 by | 2 Comments
Art explores what it looks like when Christ’s Life is revealed in us. The Life of Jesus waits on a body that will allow Him to be the source of their life.
Posted Nov. 16,2017 by | 7 Comments
‘And in that day you shall ask Me nothing.’ In this post Art explores the day when we shall ask no longer of the Father.
Posted Nov. 13,2017 by | 6 Comments
By accompanying my friend in their difficult walk, I learned lots and lots about Who God is and what all of that could mean to us in our own suffering.
Posted Jan. 6,2017 by | 3 Comments
I've seen the truth about my rebellion against God and authority. Without authority, I get death! But under authority, the heavens are opened for me.
Posted Aug. 31,2016 by | 7 Comments
Did you ever try hard not to try hard? Did you ever contribute to your attempt not to contribute? Do you ever find yourself making it a job just to receive?
Posted May. 4,2016 by | 5 Comments
How many times do I make snap judgments about people? Do I care who the person really is? Do I display the general Shepherd aspect of Christ's character?
Posted Mar. 2,2016 by | 5 Comments
He is the Alpha and the Omega: The end of my story here and the beginning of my new one. All I can ever take to the Father at the end of my life is His Son.
Posted Feb. 10,2016 by | 2 Comments